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          Herăstrău Restaurant is among the traditional restaurants in Bucharest, it seems to be one of the architectural constructions attributed to the famous prof.  Octav Doicescu. Around 1949, we were still visited by the ladies “with the finest shoe”, and then "in the time of the Communists" it is said that here Gheorghe Gheorgiu Dej drew the battle lines, and also Gică Petrescu was lovingly singing "Sweet girls like in Bucharest". The restaurant, which opened on April 1 and closed on October 1 in the old days, still retains the bohemian air of a restaurant with old states.

          Crossing over the times, up with the time, today we do not want to let the seasons die at Herăstrău Restaurant! Whether it 'comes in the autumn again' as if after a psalm the “amen” or “look at the December snow”, we wanted to make the new Herăstrău Restaurant the reason why you get into the car, cross the city and forget about the "pub in the road."  We are ready! That's why we put together soul, resources, energy, we come with experienced cookers, a talented and ambitious master-chef, services customized according to the needs of guest and a varied and sophisticated menu, because we would like you to distinguish us among the great restaurants of the moment. We have the claim of choosing quality ingredients to make your choice perfect!


- Four Season Salon - up to 120 guests can enjoy the artistic program on the two levels of the room.

- Shakespeare Salon - can add up to 30 guests in front of the fireplace

- Enescu Salon - where up to 20 guests have a terrace and the most beautiful view of Herăstrău Lake

- Privet Salon! - Only 12 people can meet at the oval table for the most discreet encounters

- Lake Garden Terrace - the terrace where up to 150 people can watch the artistic program   

- Lake Lounge Terrace - The terrace on the air-conditioned pontoon can accommodate up to 80 guests from April to November

- Lăstunul Boat - with summer open-bar, live-cooking and up to 60 guests, you can spend the most special occasions off Herăstrău Lake.

          Our guests enjoy free parking. In addition, parents can let their little ones have fun in an indoor playground specially designed for them.

          The special atmosphere is complemented by delicious dishes and good music. From Thursday until Sunday, guests of the restaurant can enjoy live music from 17:00.

About us
About us

         Perhaps the older Bucharest citizen knows us as a place for weddings, baptisms, matrimonies, corporate events, yes! We continue to celebrate the most beautiful events in your life! We constantly reinvent ourselves through beautiful summer gardens, or today we have an elegant "Four Season" salon for you, born out of the desire to bring hospitality services to a different level.

          But the new Herăstrău restaurant is not just about the crucial events of your life, it is thought of as a symphony brought about in general by the joy of living, manifested in all its forms. An integrated concept, completely new, in which the emphasis is on the fulfillment of the fifth human relational needs - NEED FOR PRIVACY!

          So you want an intimate frame in which to feel nature, to be yourself with some friends over a drink and an old wine in our wine cellar, you want to spend this night in the family or you just want a meeting with collaborators other than to work, or ... don’t know, you say and call us, it is worth it! Like any other restaurant, we can reserve a table, a separate room, but if you chose us, we will be almost sure why you called us - one of the VIP rooms - Shakespeare, Privet, Enescu, Le Matin - all designed for the distinguished man in you.

           Whatever your choice and the availability of the moment, we invite you to discover their charm! We come with a classic vision of interior design, with the concern not to leave the unique outdoor season outside, paying attention to the details that make the difference, we tick all the quality standards (high performance air conditioning and lighting systems), because the way you feel, it matters.

          ... And kids, ah, kids! Children, even those who have not given up on pampers yet, are welcome! If you think of eating somewhere quietly, leave it to our attention, Herastrau Complex is a unique option. For them we created a wonderful world, a beautiful and clean playground - the Gaudeamus Hall.

          And if time does not allow you to come to us, we come to you! By catering, of course, like any restaurant that respects ...

About us


          Our chef team offers you a special gastronomic experience! Our menu is complex, so you will find a lot of dishes to choose from. We offer you the opportunity to try the traditional and international dishes, main dishes and desserts, tastefully reinterpreted in the Herăstrău restaurant's kitchen.


- Seafood soup
- Quinoa salad with avocado mousse and sweet potatoes
- Frito mixto in Mediterranean style
- Cheese cream with chorizo, crostini and cucumbers
- Tortellini with cottage cheese
- Florentine Salmon with spinach and shrimp
- Galleto roast in coals
- White chocolate semifredo with sesame and lotus
- Savarină Herăstrău with pear carpacio and peppermint powder







Vaporasul Lastunul


Far from the hustle of the city, Herăstrău Complex welcomes its guests in a completely modernized location, where every moment can easily turn into an unforgettable story.

"People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did,
but they will never forget how you made them feel" Maya Angelou

Nordului street, no. 7 - 9, sector 1
București, România

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